November 1st to 21st - 2012

Prophetic Harp Conference at

Jerusalem House of Prayer For All Nations Mount of Olives - Jerusalem

$1,795 - Total Cost Includes: Tuition, Housing, Meals, Daytrips

Do you have a calling to play the harp for worship and intercession? As a worship leader, have you desired to learn to play harp and enter into and lead others into a place of deep intimacy with the Lord? Do you long to see Jesus touch lives through the playing of the harp and the prophetic song? If these questions resonate in your spirit with YES!, then you should consider applying to the “School of the Prophetic Harp” - November 2012 session! Come to Jerusalem for a life-changing experience and receive an impartation to minister on the harp.


Hands-on harp instruction - harps can be made available on-site (see application form)

Specific music theory required to play in a spontaneous style Mastering of chord and scale set up of harp

including Hebraic/Arabic styles

Interpretation of a chord chart (i.e. lyrics with chords written in)

Insights into how to flow in a prophetic song

Mastering the “Harp and Bowl” model as used in the JHOPFAN and IHOP Kansas

How to use the Word as a tool in the prophetic song

Biblical teaching on:

1. The harp and its role in; worship, intercession, the prophetic,

and the restoration of the Tabernacle of David and the nation of Israel

2. The place of music in spiritual warfare, deliverance and healing

3. The qualifications of a New Testament ‘Levite’ and the purification process

4. Lifestyle Worship... and much more!

A number of day trips to sites with important spiritual significance as well as ministry and intercession opportunities is a part of the school’s experience. We will play and intercede at places like: the Gates of Jerusalem, Samuel’s Mountain, David’s Citadel, and The Pool of Siloam. There will be a final concert promoted as a ‘healing concert’ where the ‘school of the prophetic harp’ will be ministering as a ‘harpestra’. We believe the Lord will move powerfully in such a historic release of the harps in the Land of Israel.