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As a Harpist and Producer Michael, along with his wife, Zsiporah, have created a number of productions that feature the harp. In the spirit of the bards of old, spiritual insights are communicated through the productions that touch the heart on a deep level. Here are a few of these productions that are available for purchase. You can see and hear samples of these CD's, DVD's and Books by following the YouTube links below.

Just Released CD - "A Prophetic Harp and a Golden Bowl"

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Endorsement letter from David Van Koevering

Endorsement Video from David Van Koevering

"A Prophetic Harp and a Golden Bowl" was created to usher you into the Throne Room of God, where the 24 elders with harps receive the prayers of the saints in golden bowls as incense (Rev 5:8). Birthed during hours of worshiping in the presence of the Lord, the lyrical strains of the solo harp, weaves intricate, lush, layered harmonies. Passionate and spontaneous melodies portray prophetic themes that reflect lyrics straight from the Word of God (included on the insert).

International prophetic harp instructor, Michael-David, invites you to experience a taste of the heavenlies through these Spirit-breathed songs.

This music is well suited for your own times of personal devotions, for use during times of prayer and alter calls, and special moments that call for healing and deliverance.

Students from the Jerusalem School of the Prophetic Harp are featured on tracks 5, 6 and 9, where 14 harpists worshiped on the Mount of Olives for 30 days.

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The Prince the Poet and the Prophet

The devotional book/CD project called The Prince the Poet and the Prophet is a manifesto leading the artistic heart to a deeper experience with God. It is a chain of essays that calls the reader to artistic and spiritual integrity. The Prince signifies nobility through servanthood. The Poet pictures imposing your imagination on reality through faith. The Prophet exemplifies loving the truth more than your own reputation. The book is accompanied by a medieval-pop styled harp based CD with these themes extracted from the prose of the text. Here are YouTube clips with the songs that appear on the 4 song CD that comes with the book.

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The Feast of the Ages

Feast of the Ages is a Messianic Musical that dramatizes how the love of God is expressed throughout the Ages in the Feast of Tabernacles. God, as a Holy Bridegroom, reaches out to both the Nation of Israel and the Gentile Nations as His Bride. This production come as a two disk set - a DVD of the live performance and a CD of the music including a bonus track "One Step Closer to Zion".

Here are some clips of the DVD of The Feast of the Ages...

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A Camelot Christmas Tale

Once upon a Kingdom, in the courts of Camelot, a young street urchin collides with King Arthur himself and finds his Destiny. Can a Banished Queen be forgiven? What secrets has Merlin brought back from the Far East? With Song and Dance, Knights and Sword Fight, a Camelot Christmas Tale is festive fun for the whole family. A great story for the whole family on DVD with a touching and clear Gospel message.

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